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Looking for simple and fun ideas? Check this page for our latest printables, simple solutions, and special announcements.

It's a new year, time for a new start. Download this calendar and set it as your desktop background to plan your 2015.

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The first step in completing a new years resolution is writing it down! Use our free printable and live inspired in 2015.

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‘Tis the season for baking. Turn any holiday treat into a personal gift with these free printable cookie wrappers.

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Say 'happy holidays' in a stylish way with our free printable gift tags. Download, print and get wrapping today.

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Tackle any baked-on mess with a cleaning solution that preserves the cast iron surface. Just pair salt and olive oil with an ocelo™ scrub sponge and go to town!

Make your own air freshener with a few simple ingredients.

Fill the room with a pleasant scent made from natural ingredients. Combine water, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and voila—you have DIY air freshener.

Help your silverware last by preventing acid corrosion.

Stopping acidic foods from corroding silverware couldn’t be easier. Just swap your no-scratch sponge for a more powerful ocelo™ heavy duty scrub sponge.

Before you start that next book, grab our free printable watercolor bookmark.

For added craftiness, punch a hole and add a string loop to dangle out of your book.

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Gifting or donating a baked good? Download this free printable wrapper and give it a thoughtful touch.

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give thanks

This year, begin your Thanksgiving celebration with a purpose by expressing gratitude to the people who enrich your life.

Print and personalize this free card to show your appreciation.

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a personal turkey day detail

You’ve arranged a centerpiece. The formal dinnerware is out. Add one last touch to the dinner table with our Thanksgiving place card printable.

Print, personalize, and finalize your table setting.

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Our newest printable celebrates that special someone who gives your life a sparkle.

Print it and put it up today.

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Give the sink a citrus treatment.

Use salt, lemon juice, and the ocelo™ all surface scrub sponge to wash your sink. Then drop the lemon rind in the food disposal with hot running water for a long-lasting fresh scent.

A list of chores doesn’t have to be a bore. Download our printable ‘Get it Done’ list to kick your cleaning into high gear.

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Make dish washing your moment of zen.

Dishes don't have to be a chore. Make it the aromatherapy you've been waiting for with lemon or lavender-scented soap and an ocelo™ no-scratch scrub sponge.

It’s the thought that counts. Use this colorful fall apple tag to add a sweet note to little surprises.

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Get rid of unsightly marks on vinyl flooring.

Tired of seeing scuff marks on the floor? Make them disappear by pairing an ocelo™ no-scratch scrub sponge with baking soda and a little elbow grease.